FBC Celebration Choir
First Baptist Church |1301 W Main| Collinsville, OK 74021 | John Lincks | Minister of Music | Apr. 2018 | Vol 5 No. 4

Thanks for the rehearsal...
  Yes - "thank you" for those who were able to attend last night's rehearsal. I know our 12 absentees would have been present if at all possible.
   I'm looking forward to us singing "Down By the Riverside" this coming Sunday morning. You guys are doing a great job on that.
  And - YES - A BIG surprise for you at next Wednesday's rehearsal (if all goes as planned). Hope you can be with us.  
   Blessings to you and yours.
Sincerely - John Lincks  (Ps.122:6-7)
Rehearsal Attendance, 5/16
Soprano  8P  4A  1NC
Alto          8P  5A  0NC
Tenor        2P  0A  0NC  
Bass          2P  3A  2NC
Staff          3P  1A  0NC  
Total  26 Present  12 Absentees
3  "not connected" with choir partners.
New Music Lesson Video below -
"Lines & Spaces" (posted 5/14)
Next New Lesson will be May 29

Choir Birthdays Coming Our Way

Alice Bowman 5/18

Morning Worship
Sunday, May 20, 2018

Victory In Jesus    

He Keeps Me Singing    

He Is So Precious to Me    

How Great Thou Art    

He Lives   Mp3 

Our God Reigns    

Awesome God    

Mighty Is Our God    

Be Exalted, O God    

Down By the Riverside   Mp3 

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus    

Morning Worship
Sunday, May 27, 2018

America, the Beautiful    

God of Our Fathers    

Count the Cost   Mp3 

The Star-Spangled Banner    

Have Thine Own Way, Lord    

Morning Worship
Sunday, June 03, 2018

Come As You Are   Mp3 

Morning Worship
Sunday, June 17, 2018

Behold Our God   Mp3 


The picture below is the dedication service of the new Falls Creek Auditorium with the Oklahoma Singing Churchmen & Churchwomen, + the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony on stage. I was so happy to be there that day! - JL

"We are a Family with a Calling"
- the FBC Choir.
Sunday Choir Calendar
May 20 - "Down By the Riverside"
May 27- Will Clark - "The Star Spangled Story" &
            -Mary West - "God Bless America"
June 3 - "Come As You Are"
June 10 - (solo)
June 17 - "Behold Our God"
Prayer List
  • Juanita Eddy & husband, Charles
  • Sue Schondel
  • Lillian Elmore
  • Leona Stall
  • Marilyn Grove
  • Brenda Stephens' family (loss of her mother)
It's a joy to sing and it's a joy to play an instrument. However, it's a far greater joy to sing or play an instrument for the Lord.
 -John Lincks

Music Video - click the "play" button
We need everyone to view it, and we will change to a new one on May 29. Thank you.

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