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But then September came.
And I was diagnosed with cancer.
I was set to sing this song for a huge radio conference the same week of my diagnosis, and as I was rehearsing, I got to the lyrics of the chorus: help me want the Healer, more than the healing...I couldn't get the words out. "No!", I screamed in my mind. "No! No! No!" This song was for someone else's story. This song was to help someone else. But God knew back in 2015 when I recorded it, that He was going to help me learn to live it 2 years later.
And so, I walked out on that stage and sang this song. And I felt like such a fraud, because honestly, I just wanted the healing. But I so tangibly and sincerely felt Him say: "get your mind off your circumstances, and focus your eyes on ME. Stop thinking of all that you need me to do for you, and start thinking about WHO I AM. Write it down, say it out loud. Do it continually and it will take root."
Our outcomes do not determine His goodness. As I focused on HIM and Him alone, I began to experience His peace that completely passes understanding. I'm talking about a calm in the depth of my soul that doesn't even make sense. I actually felt His nearness in a way I had never experienced before. I encountered His presence in a way I never knew possible. This is WHO HE IS - personal, always reaching, always pursuing. In order to go higher, we must go deeper. Sometimes it takes walking through the valley of the shadow of death to get us there.
His favor often comes in the package of suffering and hardship. Because He uses our uncertainties, the unknowns, the devastations to grow us deep, and take us high.
No matter what we are in the middle of, God is already HERE. And no matter what lies ahead, God is already THERE.
So - no more resolutions. Only continued revelations.
Natalie Grant
This Week AM
Audio Visual: Barbara Edwards and Clay Pope
Praise Team: Abby Jenkins, Joey Kilgore, and Jennifer Prince.
This Week PM
Audio Visual:   Barbara Edwards and Clay Pope

Zach Luke 1/19

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Stormie Howell 1/20

Hunter Barron 1/24

Kailynn Perry 1/28

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FBC Morning Worship Service
Sunday, January 21, 2018

I Stand Amazed in the Presence    

Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me    

Holy Spirit PDF  Mp3 

Pray Now    

Only Trust Him    

I Love You, Lord    

FBC Evening Worship Service
Sunday, January 21, 2018

He Keeps Me Singing    

Holy Is the Lord    

Holy, Holy, Holy    


His Name PDF  Mp3 

Take My Life, Lead Me, Lord    

Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Pray Now 1/21/2018  PDF  Mp3 Folder

Lord of the Glorious 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3

We Are Changed 3/25/2018  PDF 

Love Took His Breath Away 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3

Earth, Earth 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 Folder

No Longer Slaves 2/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 Folder


Easter Lord of the Glorious 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 

Easter We Are Changed 3/25/2018  PDF   

Easter You Are My Kingdom 3/25/2018  PDF   

Easter When Love Chose the Cross 3/25/2018  PDF   

Easter Love Took His Breath Away 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 

Easter Earth, Earth 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 

Easter Resurrection 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 

Easter Reprise 3/25/2018  PDF  Mp3 

General Oceans   PDF  Mp3 

General No Longer Slaves   PDF  Mp3  Folder



January 21 - Sanctitiy of Human Life Sunday
January 28 - Baptist Men's Day
February 4 - Souper Bowl Lunch - 12:00-1:30p
February 11 - WCU Choral Leading Worship 6p

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