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 Recently one of our students and praise band members, Tyler Greer, was accepted to the Miami Summer Music Festival Orchestra in Miami, Florida.  This is a great honor and opportunity for him. (more than 2000 students auditioned for this group).   He will be studying with the associate Principal Trombonist of the San Francisco Symphony, Nick Platoff.  The position comes with a scholarship, but the scholarship does not cover everything.  Tyler is trying to raise the rest of the money needed.  He asked me to post a promo he is sending out to churches, schools, and individuals, so I am doing that now.  Please take time to look at it as part of this newsletter.  If you would like to help him, contact him directly and not the church.  Our church constitution will not allow us to collect money for this situation.  You can contact him at 601-575-4116.
Shouting for Joy!      
AM Sunday, April 29, 2018
Audio Visual Team AM
Edwards, Barbara (601) 416-2568 me_be08@bellsouth.net
Jenkins, Ryan (601) 416-0900 mrryanjenkins@hotmail.com
Praise Teams
Jay, Morgan (601) 575-1213 mbailey3283@gmail.com
Jenkins, Abby (601) 416-6564 abbyljenkins@hotmail.com
Kilgore, Joey (601) 562-2700 kilgore_j@yahoo.com
PM Sunday, April 29, 2018
Audio Visual Team PM
Edwards, Barbara (601) 416-2568 me_be08@bellsouth.net
Jenkins, Ryan


April 28 - Ela's Light
May 2 - Love Conference for Youth
May 20 - "That's So Daniel" Children's Musical
Congratulations to our young musicians who participated in the auditioned MS Baptist Honor choir this week.  We are very proud of you:  Lauren Chamblee, Olivia Hall, Hayden Jenkins, Jordan Kabore, Anna-Beth Kilgore, Layla loper, Rayleigh Parkison, Carson Payne, Jake Rudolph, Shelby Rudolph, and Katie Warner.  Congratulations also to Lauren, Jordan, Anna-Beth, Layla, and Rayleigh for earning your 3 year Honor Choir pin.

The music lesson for this week

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