Children's Choir
Pine Forest Baptist Church | 4800 North Main | Vidor, TX 77662 | Dr. Dale Prudhome | Minister of Music | Spring 2019

Children Choir - Best of Jeff Slaughter

God's Promises Anthem    Mp3

Without You Anthem    Mp3

Finding My Place Anthem    Mp3

Keep the Faith Anthem    Mp3

Bread of Life Anthem    Mp3

When Ya Know Anthem    Mp3

Good Work Anthem    Mp3

I Belong to the One Anthem    Mp3

Have Faith In God Anthem    Mp3

Salvation Anthem    Mp3

Standing Anthem    Mp3

To Our God Anthem    Mp3

4 Year Old Russian Drummer


Important Dates
Our children's music program is scheduled for Wednesday
April 10, 2019 at
6:15 p.m. in the PFBC Worship Center

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